Baby’s Breath…not just for the 1980’s

Baby’s Breath…not just for the 1980’s

Baby’s Breath was all the rage in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The latest trend, though, is bringing back Baby’s Breath! Instead of using this flower as a filler flower, it is being used as a mass flower. The trend is using ONLY Baby’s Breath to create large arrangements, like the altar arrangements Rosie’s created for an August wedding.Wedding Chapel Arrangements

Each arrangement used approximately 30 stems of Baby’s Breath! The vases and columns were also rented from Rosie’s.

The Bride decided to use the same arrangement to decorate the cake table at the reception. The Baby’s Breath Arrangement definitely took up the empty space and brought height to the table!

Baby's Breath at Reception

To carry out the flower theme at the wedding, Baby’s Breath was added to the Pew Bows in the center aisle. Adding this flower to the bows was a fun idea the bride found on pinterest, go figure!

Baby's Breath Pew Bow Pew Bows with Baby's Breath

So for everyone who loves Baby’s Breath, act now! The trend is back!