Blue Galaxy Orchids

Blue Galaxy Orchids

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It is a huge compliment for designers when a client comes to us and trusts us to create a masterpiece. They might give us a few ideas: I like this color, this shape, etc…, but really they allow us to freely create a design. This bride gave a few pointers that made my heart leap. My inspiration flower became the Blue Galaxy Dendrobium Orchid when she described her blue and aqua wedding-it’s truly the best of both worlds!

Bl;ue Galaxy Dendrobium Orchid

I am all for having brides present me with inspiration and pictures they love, but boy do I feel a sense of accomplishment when I find the perfect match for a bride that she didn’t even knew existed!

The bridal bouquet contained white roses, baby’s breath, aqua and purple carnations and these blue galaxy dendrobium orchids. The result was, in my humble opinion, breathtaking. Such a great combination of color.


 Isn’t it a beaut?





Bridal Bouquet-Rosies

I sprayed white carnations aqua with floral spray in order to add in more aqua. I had ordered plum carnations, but when they are arived, they were a bit too violet for my liking, so I sprayed a light plum layer on them, too.


See what difference floral spray can make when we want a very specific color?


We used them in the bridal bouquet and in the all purple bridesmaids’ bouquets.


Bridesmaid Bouquet

Professional Photo by Steve Armstrong Photography

Bridesmaid Bouquet-Rosies

Look at how the colors popped up against the aqua bridesmaid dresses!


Professional Photo by Steven Armstrong Photography


We designed three boutonnieres, one for the groom, one for the groomsmen and one for the family. They contained the blues, aqua and whites from the bouquets.


The groom’s boutonniere was a white rose to parallel the bridal bouquet.


boutonnieres-rosies4 boutonnieres-rosies3

We also designed two versions of the corsages, one pinned and one wristlet using white and purple flowers.

pinned corsage-rosies Corsage-Rosies

What I loved most about this wedding was the unique color scheme and the bride trusting me to work some magic to achieve her dream! This bridal bouquet is like no other I have created!

Bride and Groom

Professional Photo by Steven Armstrong Photography

Special thanks to the bride Sarabeth and Steve Armstrong Photography for allowing me to share these pictures!