Boots & Bouquets

Boots & Bouquets

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I love weddings. I love going to weddings, designing wedding flowers, being in weddings. And sometimes, I get to both be in a wedding and design wedding flowers. Such was the case for one of my best friend’s wedding on a beautiful April day! The bride opted to wear boots and to keep the flowers simple and country chic.

This particular family is the most crafty family I have ever met. The craft gene must be passed from generation to generation; they are the pre-pinterest crafters. The centerpieces for this wedding were designed and crafted by the ladies in the family and my flowers were simply accents!


 Mason Jars were painted,

Frames were decorated,

and the flowers were a nice piece of the puzzle! And of course I always recommend to my brides to double bouquets as centerpieces. Whether it be bridesmaid bouquets..


Or the bridal bouquet (on the sweetheart table for the bride to enjoy a little bit longer)!


Bridal Bouquet-Rosies2

We kept the bridesmaid bouquets ivory

Bouquet2-Rosiesand the Bridal bouquet a plethora of colors to really stand-out!


Now since I was in the wedding & I had a slew of crafty women at my disposal, we actually had a flower work day before the wedding where we made most of the personal flowers and props.

This included boutonnieres,


wristlet corsages,

Corsage-Rosiesand flower girl pomander balls!

By using permanent flowers, we kept the total cost lower, hours of designing down, and this florist bridesmaid sane! The bride desired to display her bridal bouquet in her home after the wedding, and we decided that permanent flowers was the easiest way to go about doing this. It was a win-win decision that turned out beautifully, mostly because of the artistic talent of the helpers and quality of fake flowers we used!

Go ahead, take another look:

The final touch to share was the mason jars of baby’s breath that lined the center aisle!

Aisle Runner-Rosies

I am always so honored to be a part of a wedding. This wedding was beautiful and my friend was one of the most gorgeous brides!!