Purple Shades Professional Pictures!

Purple Shades Professional Pictures!

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Here are the professional pictures taken from the Purple wedding at the beginning of October at the Harmony chapel in Aubrey, Texas! These pictures were taken by CnC Moments!

Let’s begin with a look at the Bridal Portraits.

Bridals3 Bridals1

The bride opted to have me make a bouquet made from permanent flowers that she could then use as the toss bouquet during the reception! She kept the toss bouquet on the cake table, so it doubled as decor until it was time for the toss!


Toss Bouquet Toss bouquet2

Having a toss bouquet made from permanent flowers is a great memento for one of your friends who is lucky enough to catch the bouquet! And that way the bride doesn’t toss her own, real bouquet! Speaking of…


If you remember, the bouquets were compromised of various shades of purple alstroemeria, hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, spray roses, wax flowers and spider chrysanthemums with green seeded eucalyptus!

Bride and Groom2

The Bridesmaids bouquets were made with the same flowers less the hydrangea to make them slightly smaller.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Bridesmaids

You know you are in Texas when you wear boots and a sleeveless dress to an October wedding!

The groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres were designed with a single lavender rose and seeded eucalyptus.

Groom Groomsmen

The bridal party was a knock out!

Bridal PArty Bridal Party-all

And matching purple wristlet corsages for the lovely mothers!


We incorporated similar flowers into the mason jar centerpieces on a third of the tables. Each centerpiece had one¬†jar of baby’s breath, flowers, and seeded eucalyptus for a more rustic chic wedding feel! The other tables had either the bridesmaids bouquets or lanterns with candles!

centerpiece flowers Centerpiece

The perfect size to allow comfortable over the table conversation!

Another fantastic purple wedding in the books! This wedding had a great country chic feel which fit both the couple and the venue perfectly!!